The Network Parapsychological Experiment °1

This experience has the goal of evaluating the relation between remote viewing and telepathy.

It is designed in two stages. In the first days of experiment the agent connects its PsyBox to the network and launches the  server program. Then an image is displayed and nobody knows what it is though people know approximately where the box is located. The participants in the experiment will then communicate their insights about what is in the server box, by using a client program which will log to the server. Sending the message at the closer moment of intuition will refine the results.

In a second stage the experiment is run the same way with the same users, but the experimenter will look inside the box and concentrate on its content half an hour twice a day. The participants will log their comments as in the first stage. We’ll then compare the results in both stages of the experiment.

Of course, this short description does not cover the details of the experimental protocol.